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About Us

Humble Beginnings…

It all started in August of 1992, when Chung Huang, the eldest son of the Huang family, opened the doors to the very first bubble tea stand 茶典⼦ in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Over the years, the family cultivated relationships and friendships with their guests, making the bubble tea stand a hub for social gatherings. Those who experienced the unique combination of traditional tea with chewy tapioca, the quality of ingredients, and the friendly, honest service, quickly fell in love with the concept. In 1995, Davin Huang, the youngest son, returned to Taiwan and was inspired by the impact the bubble tea stand was having on the community. He saw the potential to bring this concept to America with a modern twist, and with the support of the rest of the family (Kimberly (麗凰), Chung (崇祥), Sherry (麗雪) and their dad (黃⽔吉) the journey began to introduce this pairing of tea and tapioca to the States.

Journey to Texas…

In 2000, The first Teahouse Tapioca & Tea was established inside the Hong Kong City Mall in Houston, TX, making waves as the first traditional Taiwanese Teahouse in the city’s history. Over the years, The Teahouse family worked tirelessly to meet the growing demand, perfecting their signature Green Tea and Cream Tea paired with chewy and sweet tapioca. This unique creation cemented The Teahouse’s presence in the beverage industry and soon became the latest sensation. As word spread, The Teahouse became the talk of the town, with guests raving about the combination of traditional Taiwanese cream tea with tapioca. The Teahouse’s commitment to guest satisfaction and quality ingredients has earned them much recognition and success over the past two decades.

The Teahouse Today…

Today, The Teahouse has expanded to 21 locations across the greater Houston area, while maintaining their standards for quality ingredients and hand-selecting their teas. As The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea continues to grow, their focus remains on innovation, expansion, and providing opportunities for those who share their passion for tea. They are dedicated to combining the tradition of hospitality, service, and quality with a modern emphasis on health, convenience, and consistent service. With the ability to franchise, The Teahouse offers a chance for others to join in on their goal of “delivering happiness in a cup”, capitalizing on the traditional and trusted tea flavors and recipes, and the reputable brand they have built over the last two decades. Join The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea, where every cup is a journey through the rich history and tradition of Taiwanese tea, and a chance to experience the joy of delivering happiness in a cup.

150% Sa-teahouse-faction Guaran-tea

Not satisfied with your drink? Bring it back at least 50% full and receive a new drink 100% FREE!*

*Applicable to standard menu items only.
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